About Us

Fresher than your usual fish

Established in 2020, 鱼众不同 YU ZHONG BU TONG is a food hall/restaurant comfort food concept. We bring you famous Chinese and local cuisines that are made from locally farmed fishes. All our recipes will be all about fish and seafood!

In Singapore, we are farmers too! We produce sustainably farmed fish in Singapore. It is because of our proximity to the market space that we can serve the freshest fish to our customers. Our efforts are driven by creating delicious food from sustainably farmed fish for our customers. This is in tandem with the Singapore Government’s call towards healthy eating and Singapore Food Agency (SFA) initiative “30 by 30”.

Our Story

Today, 鱼众不同 YU ZHONG BU TONG has grown into a reputable brand with four outlets across Singapore.

鱼众不同 YU ZHONG BU TONG ensures that the brand continues to maintain the highest standard and stays true to our roots as an iconic and traditional fish and seafood delicacies.

Our Menu

鱼众不同 YU ZHONG BU TONG brings a range of  local fish (Seabass & Groupers) prepared in four signature flavours of Spicy Poached 水煮, Sauerkraut 酸菜, Tomato  公举番茄 & Collagen 胶原白汤. 

Expect to be treated to a symphony of senses as each bowl is filled with a generous serving of choice of fish and vegetable  with a rich flavourful soup base.